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Lectures on different subjects are offered by Adva Center’s experts who have 30 years’ experience in social activism, academic research, understanding of public policy, and an in-depth acquittance with Israeli society and the various groups composing it. The lectures portray a rich, diverse picture of Israeli society and the challenges it faces.


Our team of lecturers:

Highly experienced in presenting complex data in simple language, in a pleasant, open environment in which questions are welcomed and answered. They bring together two worlds: the academic, scientific arena with the world of practical-social activity, connecting the subject matter to the field.


You asked about feminism, and I didn’t answer. I thought I was too old, that I have no use for feminism. Feminism for me was just talk about ‘strong women,’ and I already know I’m strong. Now I know that it is a wider talk about equality between people. The course taught me about equality of opportunity, employment, transportation, I realized it is part of life…. Now we need to think how to implement it in our work so that the people we work with will have a better life.

- Community action worker in Haifa Municipality A gender equality course participant

For me, the forum meetings are vital: they strengthen our important roles as Advisors. We gain knowledge, tools, an effective platform for peer-learning, networking, collaborations and for expanding our actions. The forum is being led in a professional way and I’m grateful for its establishment.

- Tali Rona Advisor to the Mayor on Gender Equality, Kfar-Saba

The professional team is excellent; we gain lots of knowledge and support and we also get to learn from more experienced advisors It makes us feel that we are not alone. The issues are being chosen in accordance with the different needs the advisors express. There is still lots of work to do in order to improve gender equality strategy in the local authority, and the role of the advisor is not clear enough to the mayors. Therefore I believe we must go on with the forum’s meetings.

- Salwa K'na'an Advisor to the Mayor on Gender Equality, Tamra

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