Courses and Lectures

Lectures on different subjects are offered by Adva Center’s experts who have 30 years’ experience in social activism, academic research, understanding of public policy, and an in-depth acquittance with Israeli society and the various groups composing it. The lectures portray a rich, diverse picture of Israeli society and the challenges it faces.

Download the list of lectures (In Hebrew)

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    Lectures on a variety of issues:

    Inequality and socio-economic policy
    Gender disparities and advancement of gender equality
    Inequality in education and education policy
    Privatization processes and housing, health and welfare policy
    The national budget and funding of local authorities
    Groups in Israeli society: the interplay between origin and economic status
    Guest lectures on social actions and initiatives in Israeli society

    Our team of lecturers:

    Highly experienced in presenting complex data in simple language, in a pleasant, open environment in which questions are welcomed and answered. They bring together two worlds: the academic, scientific arena with the world of practical-social activity, connecting the subject matter to the field.

    The target audiences for Adva Center´s lectures include public organizations, local authorities and public institutions; cadets in national and municipal pipeline programs; academic institutions and social engagement departments in colleges and universities; CSOs, non-profits and social change organizations; educational institutions and youth movements. Our list of clients includes the National Insurance Israel, Naámat, WIZO, the students´ union, the National Security College, Cadets for Public Service, the ISEF Foundation, WePower and many others.

    Download the list of lectures (In Hebrew)