Enhancing Equality between Men and Women in the EuroMed Region

The report provides an inventory of the national efforts in Israel, between 2006 and 2008, towards the realization of women’s equal rights in the areas of decision-making (in the political system, legislative system, judicial system, government corporations, military, general labor market and efforts in peace-making), employment (gender mainstreaming, pregnancy and maternity protections, child care services), personal status matters (marriage and divorce) and gender-based violence (trafficking in women, sexual assault, domestic violence, prostitution, sexual harassment, early marriage and killings in the name of “Family Honor”). The report describes the efforts made to realize the human rights of women through national policies, programs and strategies and state-sponsored awareness campaigns. Future opportunities for the advancement of the status of women and existing restrictions/limitations on the advancement of women’s rights (as imposed by policy, practice or tradition) are analyzed. Strategic actions are then recommended to foster an environment that is more conducive to the realization of women’s rights.