Behind the Numbers: How the Coronavirus Affected Women in Israel

A presentation by Dr. Yael Hasson of the Adva Center and Hadass Ben Eliyahu of the ‘Yoda’at’ Center and the ‘Shavot’ Project at the Van Leer Institute reviews the impact of the corona epidemic on women in Israel vis-à-vis unpaid work, employment, social security, violence against women and representation in policy-making forums

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The shrinking of economic activities in the wake of the corona epidemic converged with existing social and economic gender inequalities. Even before the crisis, men and women held different positions in the economy and job market: most women worked in less rewarding fields ranking lower on the organizational hierarchy.

If the unique challenges women face – including their high proportion among low wage workers, their heavy load of unpaid care work, and gendered violence – are not addressed, we will see a retrenchment of gender equality. Moreover, minority women, women with disabilities, stateless women and single mothers will be the hardest hit by gender-insensitive policies, due to their economic disadvantage.

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