Dr. Shlomo Swirski

Academic Director

Dr. Shlomo Swirski is a sociologist who serves as the academic director of the Adva Center. In the past he lectured at the universities of Tel Aviv and Haifa, was a partner in the founding of academic and social enterprises, among them the academic journal Notebooks of Research and Social Critique, which published articles in Hebrew accessible to the general public; HILAfor Quality Education, which encourages parents in working-class neighborhoods, development towns, and Arab towns to get involved in their children’s schools; the Kedma Schools, founded to provide quality, community-based education on the high school level. He is the author of, among others, Mizrahim and Askkenazim in Israel: The Ethnic Division of Labor   (1981),Campus, State and Society (1985), Education in Israel (1990), The National Budget: What They Do with Our Money (2004), The Cost of Arrogance: The Price Israel Pays for theOccupation (2005).

Recent Publications