Gender and Municipal Budgets

שוויון מגדרי ברשויות מקומיות באר-שבע

Final Projects for the Course in beersheba 2011

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The projects presented here were prepared by participants in the course “Gender and Municipal Budgets” – municipal workers and community activists – and are based on material studied in the course. Each project is a model that can be replicated in other municipalities. Most of the projects examine areas of gender inequity, particularly the representation of women in various positions and the terms of their employment.

In some cases, recommendations were made regarding steps to be taken to narrow the inequality gaps, some of which have already been implemented. The research was based on data received from various municipal bodies, which now constitute a database of gendered aspects of municipal employment and activity. The information in this database can serve as the basis for responsible action about the status of women within the municipality. Two projects addressed activity in the field of welfare, which clearly has gender implications, as most beneficiaries of these services are women. Another is a social project designed to improve the employment situation of women from disadvantaged communities in the Negev.