Gender Equality

Women’s Budget Forum: The Women’s Budget Forum works to advance the mainstreaming of gender (termed “gender mainstreaming”) in the design, analysis and execution of policy and with the goal of promoting equality between men and women. International experiences show that greater equality between men and women is correlated with greater macroeconomic growth (to be enjoyed across all segments of society.

“Partners” Coalition: “Shutafot” (“Partners”) is a partnership of feminist organizations joining forces to promote gender justice and equality in all spheres of life. Shutafotworks in the public and communication arenas to eliminate the discrimination and exclusion of women in employment and the economy, fights to narrow gender gaps in Israel, and initiates actions to secure equal and respectful personal and public spaces for women. The members of Shutafot work together to develop economic and employment policies that will ensure equal opportunities for women from a variety of social backgrounds, in order to build a democratic, safe and just society for all. The members of Shutafot: Achoti for Women in Israel, Adva Center, Economic Empowerment for Women, Israel Women’s Network, Itach-Maaki: Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Mahut Center,and Women’s Spirit.

Equal Pay: Equalizing Wages in Israel’s Workforce is a three-year, joint venture funded by the European Union with the participation of the Israel Women’s Network, Shatil, the Adva Center, and the Equal Opportunities in Employment Commission of the Ministry of the Economy. The project seeks to eliminate gender pay gaps through research, wage analysis, the development of knowledge and tools for narrowing pay gaps in both the private and public sectors, raising public awareness about the problem, and persuading decision-makers to take effective action to bring about change.

Equality for women at the local levelThe program for integrating gender equality in local authorities was founded in 2013 with the aim of encouraging women to take an active part in shaping municipal policy and be agents for promoting equality in their communities.